Where do students find the news today?

The Regional Professional Center of basic Media Literacy of the “MedaiCompass” NGO has conducted a survey among the students of Sumy State University regarding the level of their media literacy. The research took place in 2018 and 2019 and was financed by the Media Development Fund of the US Embassy in Ukraine.The respondents were asked to answer the question “Where do you usually get news about the events in you city, region, and country from?” and were given few options for the answer.The total number of 241 respondents were surveyed in 2018 and 140 in 2019. The results of the survey are presented in the table below.

2018 2019
N % N %
TV 79 32,8 36 25,7
Press (newspapers, magazines) 20 8,3 11 7,9
Digital media (digital newspapers, news websites etc.) 129 53,5 73 52,0
Social networks 167 69,3 133 95,0
Family. friends 99 41,1 82 58,5
Other 6 2,5 5 3,6

Obviously, the interpersonal communication (faily, friends, social networks) has become more important news source in 2019 comparing to the previous year.  At the same time traditional media are gradually loosing positions among students, especially television.