About us

Regional professional center for basic media education

The Center was established with the support of the Media Development Fund of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and NGO Mediakompas

History of creation

Regional professional center for basic media education was established in October 2017 by means of reorganization of the Center for Media and Information Literacy, which since October 2017 has operated at the Department of Journalism and Philology of Sumy State University as a center of media education of North-Eastern Ukraine.

The target audience is pupils, students, teachers, lecturers, journalists, and the public in Sumy and Sumy region.

The purpose of the activity is to increase the level of analytical thinking and media information literacy, to form skills of fact verification, data fact-checking among pupils and students, educators, young journalists of the region, and those who dream of becoming a regional or national leader; to form communication competencies and promote conscious political activism.


– to continue and expand the activities of the Regional Professional Center for Basic Media Education;

– to ensure the functioning of “Andriy Kulikov’s Radio School”;

– to conduct a series of workshops and trainings on radio mastery;

– to prepare radio programs for broadcast;

– to organize a school of journalism on video mastery under the supervision of Igor Strembitsky;

– to prepare video stories/films on social topics;

– to conduct workshops, trainings, seminars on media literacy for the target audience;

– to organize and conduct a contest of newspapers, radio, video programs for educational institutions in Sumy and Sumy region;

– to hold a contest of photo works “Ukrainian realities through the prism of the photo lens”, to make a photo exhibition for students of non-journalistic specialties and representatives of the general public;

– to initiate the section “Media Education” in the regional internet newspaper “Sumchanka”;

– to hold workshops for participants of the School of Journalism of Sumy State University.

– to create a website of the “Regional Professional Center for Basic Media Education” in order to promote media literacy.


Sumy State University; Academy of Ukrainian Press; Pylyp Orlyk Institute of Democracy; public organization Sumy Press Club “Mediakolo”; independent media corporation “Radio Svoboda”; Hromadske radio; newspaper “Pedagogichna Tribuna” of the Municipal Institution “Sumy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education”; newspaper “Sumchanka”; NGO “Commission on Journalistic Ethics”; NGO “Ukrainian-Slovak Institute of Civic Initiatives”.